Healthy and Happy with Pet Nutrition

Pet Nutrition Consulting in Cary: Cat and Dog Eating Together

Your pet’s health is only as good as their diet (other factors are certainly involved, but nutrition is the most important!). Both new and experienced pet owners alike need to speak with their veterinarian in depth about what type of diet their pet needs, how often they should be fed, and how much food they need each day. At Amberly Village Veterinary Hospital, we want to give you solid, educated, and unbiased answers regarding your pet’s diet.

Dr. Wallace has decades of experience studying pet nutrition, in addition to attending numerous lectures and seminars from board-certified nutritionists.

Pet Nutrition Consulting in Cary: Dog Carrying Food Bowl
Kittens Eating
Pet Nutrition Consulting in Cary: Cat Drinking From Water Dish

Your Pet’s Nutrition Needs Can Change

There is no single standard diet for pets—every pet is unique and has their own set of needs.


Some of the key elements of an appropriate diet include:

  • Meat protein additives
  • Glucosamine/chondroitin
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Probiotics
  • Vitamins/minerals

Let’s Talk About Your Pet’s Diet

With so many different brands of pet food on the market, it’s easy to take for granted the very specific dietary needs your pet actually has. Don’t be afraid to turn to us if you have questions about what to feed your pet—we’re happy to provide guidance and be the voice for your pet’s nutrition.


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