Pet Diagnostics

Pet Diagnostics in Cary: Veterinarian Gives Cat Exam
Vet Gives Cat Eye Exam

Diagnostics lies at the heart of veterinary medicine, because our patients can't speak up for themselves. Our diagnostic tools help us take steps to solve any mysteries that surround your pet's health and obtain useful information that we can use to make an accurate diagnosis. Here in Cary, our team is dedicated to finding answers to all your questions, and customizing a treatment plan that includes the best combination of tests for your pet and your budget.

Our In-House Diagnostic Center

Amberly Village Veterinary Hospital houses a complete pet diagnostics center for performing various health tests, parasite screens, and chemistry panels with our in-house blood analyzer. Some of the tests we recommend for our patients include:

  • Complete blood panels
  • Whole-body digital X-rays
  • Blood pressure
  • Dental digital X-rays
  • ECG
  • Biopsies
  • Ultrasound (outside facilities)
  • CT scans (outside facilities)
  • MRI (outside facilities)

How Much Testing Will My Pet Need?

Have confidence knowing that your pet will not be over-tested with unnecessary procedures here at Amberly Village Veterinary Hospital. We're 100% committed to doing what is best for you and your pet. If we feel that certain routine tests will be beneficial to your pet, we'll explain every test in detail and help you decide which is most appropriate for your pet's needs.

Digital X-Ray vs. Film X-Ray

Digital X-ray is a safer, more efficient alternative to film X-ray.

  • No film slides, developers or fixers need to be used in the process
  • Digital X-ray uses much less radiation
  • Because the procedure is quicker, your pet will not need to be kept on the X-ray table for long
  • We can produce sharper, higher-contrast images of the bones and organs
  • X-ray images can be sent via email to other veterinarians, specialists, and emergency hospitals when needed
Pet Diagnostics in Cary: Veterinarian Examines X-Ray
Pet Diagnostics in Cary: Vet Shakes Dog's Paw
Pet Diagnostics in Cary: Vet Looks At Microscope